AI In Manufacturing (Industrial AI)

AI-In-Manufacturing (Industrial-AI)

A few years ago I attended a talk by Foxconn’s CTO. When he mentioned that Foxconn was the third largest robot manufacturer at that time, I was surprised. “In fact,” he added, “we have already built a lights-out factory.” He showed a video clip: In a factory, mobile robots moved around, robotic arms worked on components, and conveying belts were rolling smoothly. There was not a single p… Continue reading

Understanding AutoML and Neural Architecture Search


The most exciting developments of AI in 2018 is AutoML. It automates machine learning process. In January this year, Google released AutoML Vision. Then in July Google launched AutoML for machine translation and natural language processing. Both packages have been used by companies such as Disney in practical applications. Google’s AutoML is based on Neural Architecture Search (NAS), invented in… Continue reading

What’s in a Ph.D. Degree: The Make of a Data Scientist


I recognized him when the young man came up to me, with other people around me after my lecture. Earlier in my lecture, he was sitting on the first row and watched attentively. He looked like a typical engineer you see everywhere in the Valley. He hesitated a little, then talked about his current job at a famous company (where I buy my phone from). He has been a software engineer for a while. “B… Continue reading