• Learn the core technologies of AI today and the historical context behind them.
  • Get a behind-the-curtain view of major AI products, including Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s AlphaGo.
  • Understand where jobs will go and what new products can be created
  • Know what’s required to become a data scientist and how to hire one.



Brandi Parsons

Interesting Topic! Satisfies Curiosity about AI

“This book gives a great insight into the history of AI and what it means for the future, as well. I was especially interested in the question about whether one should pursue earning a PhD in data science, specifically AI. This question and more are answered in this book.”

DJ Sebastian

An Outstanding Reference on AI that everyone should read

“In The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence, the author skillfully leads the reader through the journey of how artificial intelligence was conceived, the major influencers who paved the way for the invention and adoption of this technology, and the core components…”

Arthur H. Mitchell

AI is Here to Stay

“This book presents an excellent overview to assist the reader with understanding AI, it’s influence, how it affects us, and what we can expect in a new world that is emerging. It is easy to feel powerless, yet with knowledge there is power as we confront this new world.”


Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming our lives, from workplace to home, from jobs to recreation. In this time of rapid change, how can you stay relevant and not be left behind? The book will give you a comprehensive understanding of AI technology, its evolution from the beginning to the present day. You will gain an inside look of the AI field and feel confident that you are staying relevant and riding the AI wave.


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